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Tashlikh, led by Rabbi Michael Knopf and featuring music by Frank London’s Mini-Klezmer Allstars

Jewish ritual observance
Richmond, Virginia and New York City, New York


The Jewish New Year (or Rosh Hashanah in Hebrew) is a time for spiritual renewal, moral introspection, forgiveness, reconciliation, and committing to repairing relationships and the world. One of the most beautiful Rosh Hashanah traditions is known as tashlikh, meaning “to cast away.” It takes its name from a ritual of throwing pieces of bread into a river, which symbolizes letting go of those aspects of our past that prevent us from flourishing, a central idea of this season.

At this year’s festival, people of all cultural backgrounds, faiths and ages are invited to join the Jewish community of Richmond for a special ecumenical tashlikh ceremony, led by Rabbi Michael Knopf of Richmond's Temple Beth-El. This unique experience is a meaningful Jewish rite for the practitioner, and the perfect introduction to Jewish culture for the uninitiated. While the tashlikh ritual is deeply rooted in Jewish culture, its theme is universal and, as it involves no Hebrew or formal liturgy, it is totally accessible to all. It will also feature Jewish music by Frank London’s Mini-Klezmer Allstars, an all-star ensemble of today’s leading klezmer musicians, including Frank (trumpet), Michael Winograd (clarinet), Dan Blacksburg (trombone), and Aaron Alexander (drums), and refreshments.

The tashlikh will take place on the Richmond Folk Festival grounds along the banks of the James River, with activities scheduled to begin at the top of the Sunday program.

The tashlikh ceremony is presented in collaboration with Temple Beth-El and the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond.