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Trushita Sheth

Traditional Indian Cooking
Ashburn, Virginia

Trushita ShethTrushita Sheth was born and raised in a small town in the state of Gujarat in western India, a place with a distinct cooking style. Known for its variety of fresh vegetables, Gujarat cuisine is largely vegetarian and in some cases vegan. She grew up surrounded by the aromas of exotic spices and traditional foods, cooked by her mother and other women in the community. Learning to cook alongside her mother as a child, Trushita learned the virtue of patience and grew to appreciate the joy that came from sharing food traditions with others. In her hometown, almost everyone had a personal culinary specialty and, as a child, Trushita was always amazed at how the same food could taste so different when prepared by different cooks. 

Since then, Trushita has lived across the United States, and settled in Northern Virginia in 2012. There, the large South Asian community supports markets that allow her to recreate the cooking of her youth. Some of her signature dishes are toor daal (lentils), vegetable curries, whole wheat and millet chapatti bread, and spicy rice dishes.